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Why Mongolia Tour Must Be on Your Travel Bucket List?
Located in East Asia, Mongolia is a landlocked country sandwiched between Russia and China. It is one of the world’s last surviving nomadic cultures... ...
Mongolia is untouched by modern life and more importantly, undiscovered by mass tourism. This will soon change, as the country is becoming increasingly popular and their infrastructure is improving quickly. From the beautiful desert steppe and incredibly sand dunes in Gobi located in the south, to the mountainous regions in the west, and the lakes in the north: Mongolia’s nature will never bore you. 
Nomad Village
Mongolia Tourist Ger Camp
The traditional dwelling of the nomadic Mongolian is the Ger, known as a yurt in Central Asia. This is a round felt-covered tent with a single room in which the family lives, eats and sleeps. It is made from wooden latticed walls and a poled roof with a central stove for warmth and cooking. One of the more unique experience that you can enjoy at the Ger is the opportunity to stargaze under your roof. Imagine basking in the night sky full of stars, an experience you should not miss out on!!
Genghis Khan – Founder of Mongolia
The Mongols have a long prehistory and a most remarkable history. A united Mongolian state of nomadic tribes was formed in the early 13th century CE by Genghis Khan, and his successors controlled a vast empire that included much of China, Russia, Central Asia, and the Middle East.
Statue of Genghis Khan
Stroll Around at The Capital City of Mongolia – Ulaanbaatar
There’s plenty to see and do here including a walk through the modern Sukhbaatar (Parliament) Square, the Gandan Monastery, the National History Museum and the shopping paradise of the Black Market. When the sunsets, you can immerse yourself in a Cultural show that feature acts such as singing, dancing and contortion. 
Gandan Monastery
A Trip to The Southern Mongolia Discovered the Beauty of Gobi Desert
Home to the largest dinosaur fossil reservoir in the world, the world’s first dinosaur eggs, as well as one of the largest dinosaur footprints, were found in the Gobi Desert. One of the most important archaeological sites in the Gobi Desert is Bayanzag (flaming cliffs) where it was first discovered that Dinosaurs layed eggs. Bayanzag is also the place where most tourist sort after when going on tours here.  Being the largest desert in Asia and the fifth largest in the world, its unique landscapes and golden sand dunes make it a “must-visit” destination for all adventure seekers. The Gobi Desert will give you an exotic taste of the desert with boundless views of horizons, great canyons, flaming cliffs,  rare species and plants unique to the area.
Gobi Desert
Northern Mongolia
Stretching 136km deep into the Siberian Taiga, cherished as the "Blue Pearl" of Mongolia, Khuvsgul lake is a pristine fresh water lake located in the North. Surrounding this beautiful lake are breathtaking mountains where reindeer herders coexist with rich wildlife. This makes it one of the most desired places to visit for both the locals and the foreigners. 
Tsaatan Boy
Experience Life as a Nomad
Mongolia is the home to the world’s last remaining nomadic cultures, who follow a way of life that extends unbroken over 3,000 years. Between 25% to 40% of Mongolian population is nomadic. Nomads in Mongolia are homed in Gers and they herd livestock such as Horses, Cows, Camels, Sheep and Goats for a living.  If you want a break from the bustling city, you should definitely give this experience a go. Aside from gaining knowledge about the nomadic way of living, you get to give your hands a go at their daily life activities. This includes learning how to make fresh dairy products and discovering how Nomads connect with Nature and protect the ecosystem. 
Yurts and Horses in Mongolia
If you would like to experience a real taste of Mongolia, you should definitely try travelling through Mongolia on horseback. These strong Mongol horses with a shoulder height of 1.6m played a significant role when Chinggis Khan and his successors conquered half of the world in the 13th century. Riding through beautiful grasslands, crossing over rivers and steppe forest is an experience that will leave you wanting more!!
Horse Riding in Mongolia
Experience ‘Naadam’ in Mongolia
There are many different festivals and events throughout the year. Naadam is the most famous festival and the biggest national holiday of Mongolia held in July every year. It allows travelers to mingle with Mongolians and observe the authentic traditional culture. Naadam is not a tourist event, but a holiday Mongolians celebrate by competing and playing traditional sports and games.
”Naadam” means festival or feast of sports. Therefore, it is correct to say "Naadam" instead of Naadam Festival. The Naadam will feature three main sports. The three sports are horse racing, wrestling, and archery.
Naadam Festival
Naadam Festival
Mongolia Tour with AGV
If you like what you see, and want to enjoy the nomadic lifestyle that Mongolia has to offer, this is the place for you!
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